Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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Christís Victory

The believer knows that evil is irrational and does not have the last word, and that Christ alone is the Lord of the world and life, the Incarnate Word of God, he knows that Christ loved us to the point of sacrificing himself, dying on the cross for our salvation.

Angelus Address
St Peter's Square
22 June 2008

Christís Victory

The Lord, through the cross is always victorious. His power is not a power according to the ways of this world. It is the power of goodness: of truth and of love, which is stronger than death.

Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul
St Peter's Basilica
29 June 2006

Christís Victory

Christ conquers sin and death today with his love. Evil in all its forms does not have the last word. The final triumph, the triumph of truth and love, is Christ's!

General Audience
St. Peter's Square
4 April 2007