Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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Violence committed against even one human being is violence against all.

Speaking after General Audience
Vatican City
28 January 2009


The One who is without sin put himself among sinners to have himself baptized, to make this act of penance. The Holy One of God joined those who recognized they were in need of forgiveness and asked God for the gift of conversion, that is, the grace to return to him with their whole heart, to belong totally to him. Jesus chose to join the ranks of sinners, to be in solidarity with them, expressing Godís closeness.

Administration of Baptism
Sistine Chapel

13 January 2013


As the Church Fathers teach us, temptation forms part of Jesus' 'descent' into our human condition, into the abyss of sin and its consequences. It is a descent that Jesus follows to its very end, even to death on the cross and the hell of extreme distance from God.

Angelus Address
St. Peter's Square
17 February 2013


If, to save us, the Son of God had to suffer and die on the Cross, it was certainly not by a cruel design of the heavenly Father. The reason is the gravity of the illness from which he came to heal us: it was such a serious, mortal disease that it required all his Blood. Indeed, it was with his death and Resurrection that Jesus defeated sin and death and re-established God's lordship.

Angelus Address

Castel Gandolfo

31 August 2008


'In order to be healed from sin, gaze upon Christ crucified!' said Saint Augustine. By raising our eyes towards the Crucified one, we adore him who came to take upon himself the sin of the world and to give us eternal life.

Prairie, Lourdes
14th September 2008


The real enemy to be feared and fought is sin, spiritual evil, which at times, unfortunately, also infects members of the Church. We live in the world, the Lord says, but we are not of the world, although we must guard ourselves from its temptations, Yet we must fear sin and so be strongly rooted in God, firm in goodness, love and service.

Regina Coeli
St Peter's Square
16 May 2010