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Feast, Sts. Peter and Paul

The Church is not a community of the perfect, but a community of sinners, obliged to recognize their need for Godís love, their need to be purified through the Cross of Jesus Christ. Jesusí sayings concerning the authority of Peter and the Apostles make it clear that Godís power is love, the love that shines forth from Calvary.

Solemnity, Sts. Peter and Paul
Vatican Basilica
29 June 2012

Feast, Sts. Peter and Paul

From the outset, Christian tradition has considered Peter and Paul to have been inseparable, even if each had a different mission to accomplish. Peter professed his faith in Christ first; Paul obtained as a gift the ability to deepen its riches. Peter founded the first community of Christians who came from the Chosen People; Paul became the Apostle to the Gentiles. With different charisms they worked for one and the same cause: the building of Christ's Church.

Homily at Vespers
Solemnity of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls
28 June 2007