Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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Feast, Visitation

Mary believed, she entrusted herself to God, bent her will to the will of the Lord and so was truly on the most direct road, the road to Heaven. Believing, entrusting oneself to the Lord and complying with his will: this is the essential approach.

General Audience
Castel Gandolfo
17 August 2011

Feast, Visitation

Visiting Elizabeth, Mary raised her hymn of praise to the Most High for the marvels he worked in those who trust him (cf. Lk 1:46-55).

Apostolic Letter
Porta Fidei
For the indication of the Year of Faith

Feast, Visitation

When Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and [she] was filled with the Holy Spirit" (Lk 1: 41).
She recognized the Mother of God in the One "who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord" (Lk 1: 45).
The two women, who were waiting for the fulfillment of the Divine Promises, had already a foretaste of the joy of the coming of the Kingdom of God, the joy of Salvation.

Angelus Address
Castel Gandolfo
15 August 2010

Feast, Visitation

Immediately after conceiving the Word of God in her heart and in her flesh, Mary set out to go and help her elderly kinswoman Elizabeth. Mary's heart is the cloister where the Word continues to speak in silence, and at the same time it is the crucible of a charity that is conducive to courageous gestures, as well as to a persevering and hidden sharing.

Benedictine Oblate Sisters
'Tor de Specchi', Rome
9 March 2009