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Christian Life

Prayer must lead Christians to knowledge and union in ever deeper love with the Lord, if they are to be able to think, act and love like him, in him and for him. Putting this into practice, learning the sentiments of Jesus, is the way of Christian life.

General Audience
Paul VI Hall, Vatican City
27 June 2012

Christian Life

The Christian life is a continuing process of conversion, of stumbling, asking forgiveness, and starting over.

To Pastors of Rome
Vatican City
22 February 2007

Christian Life

We contribute to a better world only by personally doing good now, with full commitment, and wherever we have the opportunity.

Encyclical Letter
'God is Love'
Deus Caritas Est

Christian Life

Christians are men and women who are truly happy because they know they are not alone. They know that God is always holding them in His hands.

27th WYD Message
15 March 2012

Christian Life

We need to be witnesses of Jesus, who lives in the Church and in human hearts. He has given us a mission.

Blonie Park
Krakow, Poland
28 May 2006

Christian Life

The entire Christian life is a response to God’s love.

Message for Lent 2013

Christian Life

Every Christian is bound to confront his own convictions continually with the teachings of the Gospel and of the Church’s Tradition in the effort to remain faithful to the word of Christ, even when it is demanding and, humanly speaking, hard to understand. We must not yield to the temptation of relativism or of a subjectivist and selective interpretation of Sacred Scripture. Only the whole truth can open us to adherence to Christ, dead and risen for our salvation.

Warsaw, Poland
26 May 2006

Christian Life

Christians can never be sad, for they have met Christ, Who gave His life for them.

WYD Message
15 March 2012


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