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Our Pilgrimage

In the fifth century, Saint Augustine described that search in these terms: “Lord, you have created us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you” (Confessions, Book I, 1). As we embark on this adventure we come to realize more and more that the initiative lies not with us, but with the Lord: it is not so much we who are seeking him, but rather he who is seeking us, indeed it was he who placed that longing for him deep within our hearts.

St Mary's University College
Twickenham, England
17 September 2010

Our Pilgrimage

God wants to imbue our lives with courage, especially in the moments when we feel tired and overworked, and need to rediscover the serenity of the journey and feel joyfully that we are pilgrims bound for eternity.

St Peter's Basilica
16 December 2010

Our Pilgrimage

Every one of us is a pilgrim. We are all drawn forward, with purpose, along God's path ... sometimes with trepidation or anxiety, but always with expectation and hope, knowing too, that there are others who encourage us along the way.

Regina Pacis Center
Amman, Jordan
8 May 2009

Our Pilgrimage

Thanks to the Paraclete, it will always be possible for subsequent generations to have the same experience of the Risen One that was lived by the apostolic community at the origin of the Church since it passed on and actualized in the faith, worship, and communion of the People of God, on pilgrimage through time.

General Audience
26 April, 2006