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The Cross

Our own crosses acquire value if we consider them and accept them as a part of the Cross of Christ, if a reflection of his light illuminates them.
It is by that Cross alone that our sufferings too, are ennobled and acquire their true meaning.

General Audience
14 June 2006

The Cross

In the final analysis, the Cross is an expression of what love means: only those who lose themselves find themselves.

Palm Sunday
St Peter's Square
28 March 2010

The Cross

On the Cross, Jesus is exalted to the very ‘height’ of the God who is Love. It is there that he can be ‘known’... Jesus gives us ‘life’ because he gives us God. He can give God because he himself is one with God.

Angelus Address
Solemnity of Christ the King
St Peter's Square
21 November 2010

The Cross

The Cross of Christ gives far more than it demands; it gives everything because it leads us to God.

General Audience
Castel Gandolfo
24 August 2011

The Cross

The Church is holy, but made up of men and women with their limitations and errors. It is Christ, Christ alone, who in giving us the Holy Spirit is able to transform our misery and constantly renew us. He is the light of the peoples, the lumen gentium, who has chosen to illumine the world through his Church (cf. Lumen Gentium, n. 1).


St Peter's Basilica

6 January 2006

The Cross

The Lord has conquered on the cross. He has not conquered with a new empire, with a force that is more powerful than others, capable of destroying them; He has not conquered in a human manner as we imagine, with an empire stronger than the other. He has conquered with a love capable of going to death.

Reflections on Peace
Ceremony for Mideast Peace
Rhemes-Saint Georges, Italy
25 July 2006

The Cross

For Christians, the Cross signifies God's wisdom and His infinite love revealed in the saving gift of Christ, crucified and risen for the life of the world, and in particular for the life of each and every one of you.

Cathedral of Notre-Dame
Paris, France
12 September 2008

The Cross

To exalt the cross, against the backdrop of the resurrection, means to desire to experience and to show the totality of this love. It means making an act of love!

Feast of the Exultation of the Cross
Melkite Basilica of St. Paul
Harissa, Lebanon
14 September 2012


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