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Created in love

Human dignity is the seal that God impresses upon man, created in his image and likeness; it is the sign of the common destiny of humanity, and the foundation of love for God and neighbor.

'World Day of Peace'
1 January 2007

Created in love

Let us learn to pause longer before God, who revealed himself in Jesus Christ, let us learn to recognize in silence, in our own hearts, his voice that calls us and leads us back to the depths of our existence, to the source of life, to the source of salvation, to enable us to go beyond the limitations of our life and to open ourselves to God’s dimension, to the relationship with him, which is Infinite Love.

General Audience
St Peter's Square
11 May 2011

Created in love

The relationship with God is a constituent part of man who was created and ordained for God, who seeks for truth within his own cognitive structures, who tends towards good in the sphere of volition, and who is attracted by beauty in the aesthetic dimension.

Address on arrival
Pilgrimage to Fatima
Lisbon, Portugal
11 May 2010

Created in love

The centre of our faith and our lives is indeed the primacy of God. Whenever God is not there, the human being is no longer respected either. Only if God's splendor shines on the human face, is the human image of God protected by a dignity which subsequently no one must violate.

Parish of Saint Anne
5 February 2006

Created in love

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...."
These words, with which Holy Scripture begins, always have the effect on me of the solemn tolling of a great old bell, which stirs the heart from afar with its beauty and dignity and gives it an inkling of the mystery of eternity. For many of us, moreover, these words recall the memory of our first encounter with God's holy book, the Bible, which was opened for us at this spot. It at once brought us out of our small child's world, captivated us with its poetry, and gave us a feeling for the immeasurability of creation and its Creator.

"In the Beginning...."
Commentary on Genesis 1-3
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Created in love

We were thought of and desired; thus, there is an idea that preceded me, a feeling that preceded me, that I must discover, that I must follow, because it will at last give meaning to my life…. to discover that my being is truly reasonable, it was thought of, it has meaning. And my important mission is to discover this meaning, to live it and thereby contribute a new element to the great cosmic harmony conceived of by the Creator.

Meeting with the Clergy
Church of St Justin Martyr
Auronzo di Cadore
24 July 2007