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Jesus Christ

Jesus, the true bread of life that satisfies our hunger for meaning and for truth, cannot be “earned” with human work; he comes to us only as a gift of God’s love, as a work of God to be asked for and received.

Angelus Address
Castel Gandolfo
5 August 2012

Jesus Christ

Jesus truly immersed himself in our human condition, lived it to the end, in all things save sin, and was able to understand our weakness and frailty. For this reason he was moved to compassion, he chose to “suffer with” men and women, to become a penitent with us. This is God’s work which Jesus wanted to carry out: the divine mission to heal those who are wounded and give medicine to the sick, to take upon himself the sin of the world.

The Sistine Chapel
13 January 2013

Jesus Christ

In Jesus, it is God who 'camps' in our walking with Jesus, in faith and in our life in union with him, his love touches us, purifies us, an enlightens us.

Homily at Vespers
Munich, Germany
11 September 2006

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the perfect human being, an example of filial freedom, who teaches us to share with others his own love: "As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love" (Jn 15:9).

Fifth World Meeting of Families
Valencia, Spain
9 July 2006

Jesus Christ

Jesus must become the center of our whole existence. It is important that he be the guide of our daily journey and the ultimate and definitive destination of our earthly pilgrimage.

Visit to the Crib
5 January 2006

Jesus Christ

The Christian vocation is always a renewal of personal friendship with Jesus Christ, which gives full meaning to our lives and makes us open to the Kingdom of God.

Regina Caeli
7 May 2006

Jesus Christ

By walking with Jesus, in faith and in our life in union with him, his love touches us, purifies us and enlightens us.

Homily at Vespers
Cathedral of Munich
10 September 2006

Jesus Christ

Jesus himself is the grain of wheat which came from God, the divine grain that lets itself fall to the ground, that lets itself sink, be broken down in death and precisely by so doing germinates and can thus bear fruit in the immensity of the world.

General Audience
Castel Gandolfo
11 August 2010


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