Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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We are pilgrims, heading for the heavenly homeland, toward that full and eternal good that nothing will be able to take away from us....On this pilgrimage, let us feel like brothers and sisters of all men, travelling companions even of those who do not believe, of those who are seeking, of those who are sincerely wondering about the dynamism of their own aspiration for the true and the good.

General Audience
St Peter's Square
7 November 2012


We are all on a journey toward the definitive encounter with Christ, where he will reveal before our eyes the meaning of human history, whose center is the cross of his saving sacrifice.

Ecumenical Meeting
Warsaw, Poland
25 May, 2006


We enter Heaven to the extent that we draw close to Jesus and enter into communion with him.

Benedictine Archabbey
Monte Cassino, italy
24 May 2009


Jesus came to tell us that he wants us all in Paradise and that hell, about which little is said in our time, exists and is eternal for those who close their hearts to his love.

Visit to Parish of St. Felicity
25 March 2007


Heaven is not empty.
Life is not a simple product of laws and the randomness of matter, but within everything and at the same time above everything, there is a personal will, there is a Spirit who in Jesus has revealed himself as Love.

Encyclical Letter
Spe Salvi


It will be our eternal joy to seek Godís face, that is, to walk endlessly into the infinite in an every new and joyful discovery, and thus to receive the adventure of eternal love as an answer to our thirst for happiness.

On the Way to Jesus Christ
p. 70