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Light, it is said in the Psalms, is the mantle with which God covers himself...
In the New Testament, it is Christ who constitutes the full manifestation of God's light. His resurrection defeated the power of the darkness of evil forever.

Angelus Address
Feast of the Transfiguration
6 August 2006


The world needs people capable of proclaim and bearing witness to God who is love, and consequently to the one light which in the end, illumines the darkness of the world and gives us strength to live and to work.

cf. Encyclical Letter
'Deus Caritas Est'


Love is the light – and in the end, the only light – that can always illuminate a world grown dim and give us the courage needed to keep living and working.

Message for Lent


In Baptism, we are set free from the shadow of evil and receive Christ’s light in order to live as children of light. We too must learn to see in Christ’s Face God’s presence, hence light.

General Audience
Paul VI Audience Hall

9 March 2011


Christ does not take you away from the world. Christ sends you wherever his light is lacking so that you may take it to others. You are all called to be small lights for those around you.

Taize Youth Meeting
St Peter's Square
29 December 2012


Prayer as a way of “accustoming” oneself to being with God brings into being men and women who are not motivated by selfishness, by the desire to possess or by the thirst for power, but by gratuitousness, by the desire to love, by the thirst to serve, in other words who are motivated by God; and only in this way is it possible to bring light to the darkness of the world.

General Audience
Paul VI Hall
Vatican City
20 June 2012


Even on the darkest of nights, Jesus is the lamp that never goes out.

St. Peter's Square
4 March 2012


Those who believe in Jesus do not lead lives of perpetual sunshine, as though they could be spared suffering and hardship; but there is always a bright glimmer there, lighting up the path that leads to fullness of life. The eyes of those who believe in Christ see light even amid the darkest night and they already see the dawning of a new day.

Address to Young People
City Fairgrounds
Freiburg, Germany
24 September 2011


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