Selected quotes of Pope Benedict XVI offered daily for prayer and reflection‚€¶.

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God's Providence

In prayer, we must learn to have greater trust in Divine Providence, to ask God for the strength to abandon our own selves in order to renew our 'yes', to repeat to Him, 'your will be done', to conform our will to His. This is a prayer we must repeat every day, because it is not always easy to entrust oneself to the will of God.

General Audience
Paul VI Hall
1 February 2012

God's Providence

Let us allow ourselves to be guided, let us allow Providence to decide what to do with us.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Piazza della Vittoria
Genoa, Italy
18 May 2008

God's Providence

The life and work of all believers should bear constant witness to the transcendent, point to the invisible realities which lie beyond us, and embody the conviction that a loving, compassionate Providence guides the final outcome of history, no matter how difficult and threatening the journey along the way may sometimes appear.

B'nai B'rith International
Vatican City
12 May 2011